woolcool is the future of insulated packaging.

innovative, performance driven & sustainable

A family business with a passion for ‘doing the right thing’ bring to market a revolutionary insulated packaging solution that outperforms traditional materials. What is the solution? Take a guess…

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100% curly sheeps wool.

You can’t deny the world needs sustainable solutions in every walk of life but packaging is on everyones mind. Woolcool is the first ‘wool’ based insulated packaging solution to lead the change from polystyrene to natural materials. However, the journey hasn’t been a fluffy one, it’s taken serious passion, research and development to establish wool as the credible solution it is today.

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a focused brand direction.

As Woolcool’s branding agency, we’ve been with them every step of the way to develop brand strategy powerful enough to push over the category obstacles. Together, we’re focused on making a real difference… something we can all be proud of saying ‘we’re part of that change for the good’. www.woolcool.com

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