serious cyclists obsess over vertical gain.

experiences through cycling.

Cycling is a huge global industry and can play a big part in people’s lives. As popularity has grown, more and more have chosen to use cycling as their way to keep fit, get to work or simply to meet others. One thing cyclists do have in common is an enjoyment of being outdoors, but for some there is a ‘need’ to challenge themselves and push the limits.

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Water Bottle with Vertical Gain Branding
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turning knowledge & experience into a brand.

Wanting to share his knowledge of the best European cycling routes, ex mountain bike professional Gary Foord is passionate about delivering truly memorable cycling experiences and helping individuals improve cycling performance… Vertical Gain is his new brand to do just that. Having built a successful cycling retail business, Gary is leaning on his decades of ‘in the saddle’ experience – guiding others to achieve personal gains.

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All Pain. All Gain. Vertical Gain.
 All Pain. All Gain. Vertical Gain.

memorable cycling holidays and serious performance improvements.

For the brand owner, it’s essential their cycling holidays (known as ‘Break-aways) are authentic, fully scoped, meticulously planned and expertly delivered to ensure a memorable cycling experience in breathtaking surroundings. For Verso, it’s essential the Vertical Gain brand is recognisable and memorable.

Influenced by European mountain climbs our brand icon combines the ‘descents and ascents’ of cycling with ‘bar chart’ of performance improvements. Our iconic three bar ‘V’ will become a badge of honour for cyclists where the stripes are truly earned.

Vertical Gain is establishing themselves as the go-to cycling holiday tour guides with routes for differing abilities. For those who want to ride the greatest Grand Tour routes, find out more at

Cycling Holidays from Vertical Gain

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