the dog groomer... says it all really.

modern grooming for pets.

From the off, The Dog Groomer owners knew where they wanted to take the concept. ‘We’re doing everything right’ was their opening line so we also knew exactly where to pitch the creative. Our aim was to think beyond today, creating a mark for future grooming excellence.

Loving Pets at The Dog Groomer
Grooming Tools in The Dog Groomer
Services Leaflet for The Dog Groomer

the clue’s in the logo.

Our objective was to create an instantly recognisable high street brand mark that sets a high standard. The thinking was to enable a franchise model from which the founders can grow their business.

Logo for The Dog Groomer
Logo for The Dog Groomer
Service Icons for The Dog Groomer
Service Icons for The Dog Groomer
Mobile Website at The Dog Groomer
Exterior Signage at The Dog Groomer

a well polished  brushed business.

The brand instantly established its desired position as the go-to dog groomers, something we’re proud to have given a helping hand.

Interior Design of The Dog Groomer
Opening for Business The Dog Groomer
Doggy Coat Hangers at The Dog Groomer

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