power minerals limited: source into resource

a well kept secret.

The UK’s leading supplier of power station ash, PML are the unsung heroes behind many successful infrastructure projects. Ash sounds like a dull subject, but it’s not: it’s a technically colourful science that positively influences construction.

Helmet Branded with PML Identity
Jacket Branded with PML Identity
Business Cards for PML
Business Cards for PML

time for the brand to shine.

As coal-fired power stations slowly decline you’d expect those in the industry to be worried about the impact. Not PML, they have innovative solutions that will maintain the supply of coal fly ash for years to come. It’s time for PML to fly their flag and show this grey resource has a bright future.

Identity Design for PML
Display Stand Design for PML
Website for PML on laptop
Sponsorship for PML

rename, redesign, relaunch.

Power Minerals Limited was affectionately known within the industry as ‘PML’… that was our cue to simplify and create a brand identity that reflects it’s friendly culture. www.powerminerals.co.uk

Advertising for PML
Advertising for PML

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