j'adore pilates, specialist physical training.

identity defined in modern history.

Joseph Pilates, founder of the Pilates system, devised a series of exercises, training techniques and apparatus to combat illnesses he believed were linked to a modern lifestyle: bad posture and inefficient breathing. Born in 1883, Joe was simply ahead of his time.

Logo for J'Adore Pilates
Logo for J'Adore Pilates
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true to the origins.

Inspired by the original Pilates ethos, J’adore’s founder Lucy realised the power of ‘true’ Pilates and vowed to maintain the standards expected by Joseph Pilates himself. Lucy’s position was different to mainstream Pilates and it was clear to Verso that the brand needed to step up.

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Good Form J'Adore Pilates
Good Form J'Adore Pilates
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sculpting performance.

Often heard saying ‘Good Form’, Lucy’s expertise were clearly beyond mat classes for the average enthusiast. One-to-one sessions are used to fine-tune athletes and maximise physical results – a complimentary system that instills a competitive edge. Our logo represents this perfectly balanced approach to exercise and allows www.jadorepilates.co.uk to stand tall amongst their peers.

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