bodyy healthcare commits to finding the underlying 'why'.

every body matters.

Established to help anyone with body discomfort, bodyy Healthcare is committed to resolving health issue. The team have a simple plan: to forensically examine the true ‘why’ to ensure treatment unlocks best performance.

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Appointment cards for bodyy® Healthcare

we are life mechanics.

Originally an osteopathic practice, the business owner became frustrated by the lack of ’empathetic’ health support available for patients. Driven by a personal understanding of mobility limiting issues, bodyy Healthcare was developed to help find the source of problems and unlock human performance. Bodyy are on a mission to give every body a chance to achieve its potential.

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brand healthcare.

As a brand agency, we take our time to dive deep and find the real opportunity and what the brand wants. For an established business rebranding to match the brand’s potential can be a big stretch, but in this case the business owner was fully on-board. Our brand strategy defined the business direction and lead to rebranding as ‘bodyy’ – the rest just fell into place. Relaunched as a Healthcare centre and training Academy, our branding, website and brand strategy for bodyy have put them on the right path for business growth.

The mission of bodyy®

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