gourmet confection from belinda clark

real tasty packaging.

Already established as a gourmet confectioner, Belinda Clark was looking to take her packaging to another level. As a culinary artist who spends hours blending taste and texture our goal was to reflect this through effective design. First ingredient: brand positioning.

Marshmallow Packaging for Belinda Clark
Photography and Illustration for Belinda Clark
Mellow Mallow Logo for Belinda Clark
Mellow Mallow Logo for Belinda Clark

delicately balanced flavours.

Based on the foundation of a ‘taste orchestrator’ we established a visual signature that captured the work involved to ‘delicately balance flavours’. The resulting visual fingerprint enables us to apply this thinking across new product development and ensure a consistent story across the confectionery range.

 Mellow Mallow Range from Belinda Clark
Confectionery by Belinda Clark
S'mores Photography for Belinda Clark
S'mores for Belinda Clark
S'mores exploded illustration Belinda Clark

sweet success.

After relaunching with new packaging Belinda Clark received interest from a European confectioner to help take the product range to yet another level. Belinda can often be seen promoting her confectionery on the shopping channel QVC – sweet success indeed. Why not try something a little different at belindaclark.co.uk

exhibition Stand Design
Melt-in-moments Logo for Belinda Clark
Melt-in-moments Logo for Belinda Clark
Melt-in-moments by Belinda Clark
Melt-in-moments packaging for Belinda Clark

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