a primary school with big & small characters

starting a new school.

A growing town needs growth in support services… none more important than education. Creative Learning Partnership Trust are experts in delivering high-end educational establishments to address the needs of a modern community. Their plans for a brand new primary school and nursery will meet the demands from a new housing development.

Website for Beaconfields Primary School
Banner for Beaconfields Primary School
Slogan Graphic for Beaconfields Primary School
Interior Design for Beaconfields Primary School

inspiring the next generation.

Stafford is rapidly expanding, attracting new workers and settlers looking to make the most of its rural location. A ‘ground-up’ build of a new school gives opportunity to break the mould in education branding and deliver a ‘ground-up’ identity. The visionary team at the Creative Learning partnership Trust were prepared to explore a new look & feel that could attract a modern audience while inspiring young people to enjoy and achieve.

Visual Identity fro Beaconfields Primary School
Visual Identity for Beaconfields Nursery School
Beaconfields Brand Symbol Mono
Beaconfields Brand Symbol Greyscale
Beaconfields Brand Symbol Colour

multi layered teaching & colourful learning.

Inspired by a refreshing brief, our approach was to create a meaningful identity and visual system that captures the school’s vision in a simple brand mark. The interlocking upper and lowercase characters symbolise the school’s commitment to consistently educate young people through nursery and primary years.

Beaconfields Primary School and Nursery is setting out a new way for education in Stafford, Verso’s responsibility was to ensure the brand’s visual language matches the aspiration… something we are proud to have captured.

Due to open in September 2024, Beaconfields Primary School is an exciting opportunity for residents who will experience high levels of crucial education in an environment parents will be jealous of. Find out more at www.beaconfields.academy

Leaflet for Beaconfields Primary School
Interior Signage for Beaconfields Primary School
Mobile Website for Beaconfields Primary School

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