apple tree town, educational play centre.

a play centre. where children play. novel.

Far from the chaos of a kids wild warehouse, Apple Tree Town is a role play activity centre for children of all ages. It’s more than just fun, it’s good old-fashioned play time – no tech, no distractions.

Door drop leaflet for Apple Tree Town
Social Media for Apple Tree Town
Bus Rear Advertising for Apple Tree Town

stealth education.

As a vision of two sisters (themselves mothers) Apple Tree Town was created from scratch, build from the ground up with one thing in mind… a child’s life skills. You see, outside of school, today’s world places little emphasis on the social development of children. Apple Tree Town is the role play adventure that contributes to every child’s learning, without teaching.

Pip is the fruit picker at Apple Tree Town
Animated logo of Apple Tree Town
Posters in Apple Tree Town
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it’s a child’s world.

After identifying a brand essence of ‘stealth education’ our creative approach helped develop a visually colourful world in which children can be whoever they like and enjoy time with friends and others. We identified Apple Tree Town’s belief that ‘every child has an important role to play in the world’ – a belief that drives the brand. Our campaign included identity animation, social media campaigns, outdoor advertising and of course, the creation of ‘Pip’ – the fruit picker. A real character! Go and meet the team at

Development of Pip for  Apple Tree Town
Development of Pip for  Apple Tree Town

brand strategy / brand design / website graphics / social media / outdoor advertising / illustration / photography / character creation / animation