800º pizzeria, neapolitan wood fired pizzas.

the real slice of life.

800º is an authentic pizzeria that has its Neapolitan pizza at the heart of the menu, but beyond great food, 800º Pizzeria is all about good times with great friends. It’s a place to enjoy life.

Laptop showing 800 Degrees Pizzeria Website
Table Setting at 800 Degrees Pizzeria
Menu at 800 Degrees Pizzeria

a love of pizza and style.

It’s been a long-held dream for the owners of 800º to build their own wood fired Neapolitan pizzeria. Their knowledge, understanding and vision literally coated us in creativity allowing us to bring their dream to life. It’s finally a reality and we’re proud to have helped in our own little way.

Kitchen art at 800 Degrees Pizzeria
Neapolitan Pizza at 800 Degrees Pizzeria
Waiting on Staff at 800 Degrees Pizzeria
Wall Artwork at 800 Degrees Pizzeria
Business Cards for 800 Degrees Pizzeria

a brand with real warmth.

Driven by a design strategy to create a ‘slice of urbane life’ our positioning drove the creative behind a brand identity, interior styling and everything in-between. The website design gives customers a taste of authenticity, why not reserve a slice of the action at 800degreespizzeria.co.uk

Sour Dough at 800 Degrees Pizzeria
Toilet Signs at 800 Degrees Pizzeria

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