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Coronavirus Update

Working Remotely

Following Government guidelines our team is now working remotely, keeping projects running as smoothly as possible, so it will very much be business as usual. We’ll be available Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 5.00pm and ask that you contact us via email: hello@versocreative.co.uk

  • Beer Packaging for Loomshed Hebrides
  • Brand Identity for Loomshed Hebrides
  • Website design for Loomshed Hebrides

Loomshed Food & Drink

Life in the Outer Hebrides

It’s hard for young islanders in the Outer Hebrides to stay and work on the island they adore. Loomshed’s objective is to inspire, employ and grow local, young talent to ensure the produce of the Hebrides is showcased and adored from north to south. Our branding forms part of the inspiration.

  • Branding for Harvey
  • Website design for Harvey
  • Literature for Harvey

Harvey’s Tea & Tipple

A Very British Occasion

We always say ‘Do what you love’ so when a new client approached us with a new idea it was obvious there was already love for the brand. Rooted in the memory of a military-serving grandparent, Harvey’s combines a passion to ‘serve day & night’ with a family love of horses.

  • Poster Artwork for 800 Degrees Pizzeria
  • Branding for 800 Degrees Pizzeria
  • Poster artwork for 800 Degrees
  • Website design for 800 Degrees Pizzeria

800 Degrees Pizzeria

A Slice of Life

Ever eaten an authentic wood fired Neapolitan pizza? Well, there’s only one place they can be made… that’s in an 800º wood fired stone oven. When approached to create the restaurant identity we wanted to give a flavour of the urban environment and a slice of their creative style. Top that.

  • 2018 Annual Report & Accounts for Stafford Railway Building Society designed by Verso Creative
  • Annual Review for Stafford Railway Building Society designed by Verso Creative
  • Employee Handbook for Stafford Railway Building Society designed and produced by Verso Creative
  • Member Newsletter designed for Stafford Railway Building Society by Verso Creative

Stafford Railway

Building Society

It’s full steam ahead for Stafford Railway Building Society who recently added the ‘Best Local Building Society’ award to their list of honours. As they continue their journey to further success we’ve given them a new creative platform from which to deliver first class literature.

  • Nappy recycling awareness campaign designed by Verso Creative for Staffordshire County Council.
  • Campaign to promote careers in care, designed by Verso Creative for Staffordshire County Council
  • Council Tax leaflet designed by Verso Creative for Staffordshire County Council

Staffs County Council

Keeping It Local

When deadlines get a little ‘taxing’ or a ‘change’ of creative direction is required, Staffordshire County Council pop over to Verso because they know we ‘care’ enough to deliver on time and on budget. Hassle-free community awareness campaigns on the doorstep.

  • A suite of report covers designed by Verso Creative for Lever Turner Cowdell
  • Brand identity designed by Verso Creative for Lever Turner Cowdell
  • Brand awareness advertising for Lever Turner Cowdell designed by Verso Creative
  • Brand identity for Lever Turner Cowdell designed by Verso Creative

Lever Turner Cowdell

Three's Company

Architectural consultants Lever Turner Cowdell challenged us to build a solid brand foundation so we approached this identity from a different angle. Multiple angles to be precise. And the result is something quite iconic. Verso Creative – we never cut corners.

  • Brand identity design for Power Minerals Limited by Verso Creative, Staffordshire
  • Responsive website design by Verso Creative for Power Minerals Limited

Power Minerals

Source Into Resource

Owned by German power giant STEAG, Power Minerals sits at the centre of an international network to expertly guide quality ash supplies to major projects across the construction, housing and infrastructure sectors. Our rebrand puts them firmly on the road to even broader recognition.

  • Conference Pack Designed by Verso Creative for World of Wedgwood
  • Summer Promotion for World of Wedgwood designed by Verso Creative
  • Advertising Campaign for World of Wedgwood designed by Verso Creative
  • 6-page invitation mailer designed for World of Wedgwood by Verso Creative
  • Point of Sale Designs by Verso Creative
  • Wedgwood Museum Trail Signage by Verso Creative, utilising previously created cartoon characters

World of Wedgwood

The Best of British

Synonymous with history, culture and innovation the name ‘Wedgwood’ is revered globally. Adding a little more character to existing brand guidelines, this Staffordshire agency has literally been spinning plates with a series of tight, but rewarding, deadlines.

  • Website design and development by Verso Creative for Orbolite
  • Brand identity designed by Verso Creative for cenosphere specialists, Orbolite
  • Design of marketing literature for Orbolite by Verso Creative
  • Brand identity designed for Orbolite by Verso Creative
  • Branded stationery range and product data sheets for Orbolite, designed by Verso Creative


All-Round Additive

“Don’t touch the logo!” – four words which formed part of the original client brief. But knowing how effective good design can be we put Orbolite into a frenzied spin with our creative proposal. We talked them round, rolled it out and now they wholly embrace it. A brand revolution for all the right reasons.

  • CLIM8 product range branding for Clena Supplies, designed by Verso Creative
  • Environmental credentials leaflet designed by Verso Creative for Clena Supplies

Clena Supplies

Cleaner By Nature

Commissioned to add much-needed creative sparkle to Clena Supplies marketing collateral, we also devised the brand new CLIM8 accreditation to help raise awareness of the client’s environmental responsibilities. When it comes to design effectiveness it’s our responsibility to never let the dust settle.


Woodstar 1%ABV

Distilling A New Category

Serious about wine? So are Woodstar’s founders. More importantly, they’re serious about drink alternatives. Having crafted a category defining ‘low-proof’ drink with the passion of master vintner, we have applied the same passion to establish the brand… here’s the proof.


Moat House Farm Logs

A Chip Off The Old Block

The Moat House Farm provides agricultural and commercial services utilising the latest technology. Their latest addition is producing Premium Kiln Dried Logs: sourced from British woodlands then cut, process and dried on site. It’s a hands-on addition that needed a hands-on identity.

  • Woolcool Website Designed and Developed by Verso Creative
  • Credential Brochure Designed and Produced by Verso Creative
  • Branding for Woolcool
  • Branding for Woolcool by Verso Creative
  • National Advertising Campaign for Woolcool designed by Verso Creative
  • Paper modelling devised by Verso Creative for Woolcool - created by nature driven by science
  • Verso Identity design for Woolcool
  • Verso stationery design for Woolcool


Insulated Packaging Innovation...

Can you keep a secret? The distribution of temperature sensitive goods is about to be revolutionised… Woolcool not only outperforms conventional materials it has environmental benefits from a sustainable source. Verso have set Woolcool up for the revolution… If you haven’t heard of Woolcool you soon will.



  • Melt-in Moments Packaging for Belinda Clark
  • Melt-in Moments Brand identity for Belinda Clark

Melt-in Moments

Belgian Hot Chocolate

How do you create perfect hot chocolate? Well, you need a chunk of ganache enrobed in luxurious Belgian chocolate and a spoon. Hello… Looks like gourmet confectioner Belinda Clark has it all wrapped up – our job was to tell everyone about it through brand and packaging design that’ll create a stir.

  • Brand identity designed by Verso Creative for The Bears
  • Programme for The Bears
  • Promo posters and application forms for The Bears

The Bears’ Lair Stafford

A Grrrreat Cause

When Verso were approached to become partners in a Dragons’ Den-inspired fund raising initiative for Staffordshire-based charity, Katharine House Hospice, we did so on the understanding that we got our claws on the brand identity and marketing collateral too.


J’adore Pilates

Performance Sculptors

If you are looking to improve your sporting performance then J’adore Pilates are the specialist physical trainers who use the original ‘Joe Pilates’ techniques and equipment to fine tune your body. It’s more than training, it’s a way of life involving careful nutrition and precise exercise… it’s all about balance.

  • The Red Lion Bradley, Staffordshire, branding by Verso Creative
  • Verso website design for The Moat House, Stafford
  • Twice-yearly Event Diary booklet designed by Verso Creative for The Lewis Partnership
  • Verso website design for The Bear Grill, Stafford
  • Verso
  • Verso website design for The Moat House Wedding facilities
  • Wedding Brochure for The Moat House Acton Trussell designed by Verso Creative
  • Verso website design for The Dog & Doublet, Sandon
  • Verso website design for The Swan Hotel

The Lewis Partnership

Excellence in Hospitality

Top flight creative is always on the menu here at Verso so whatever your taste in marketing communications we guarantee to serve up something special: venue branding; online innovation; literature design; brand strategy. Mouth-watering stuff!


Staffordshire Police

Can I See Some ID...

When the Police and Crime Commissioner for Staffordshire wanted to re-energise old public initiatives it was Verso’s expertise that was called upon to create the brand identities. From rebranding Neighbourhood Watch to relaunching the ‘Space’ scheme we were the only agency to fit the bill.

  • Brand identity designed by Verso Creative for embroidery company Tailored Branding
  • Stationery range designed for Tailored Branding by Verso Creative
  • Brand identity for print and embroidery suppliers Tailored Branding, designed by Verso Creative

Tailored Branding

Image Is Everything

Staffordshire print and embroidery firm HS Clothing turned to Verso for a touch of creative inspiration and in return we sewed the seeds for future business growth. Now rebranded as Tailored Branding, our County Town neighbours are in full swing.


Gourmet S’mores

Stacks of Taste

Heard of S’mores? The taste of America on British shores… but when Belinda Clark’s involved it makes for the ultimate ‘build yourself’ snack. A combination of Belinda’s handmade marshmallows, almond biscuits and luxury Belgian chocolate demanded that our packaging design stacked-up.

  • A range of literature for Midas Construction Cheshire designed by Verso Creative
  • Stationery Range and Advertising designed by Verso Creative for Midas Construction Cheshire
  • Midas Construction Brand Identity designed by Verso Creative
  • Branding and Vehicle Livery Design for Midas Construction Cheshire by Verso Creative

Midas Construction

Built For Life

When branding a family business we’re not only capturing a professional environment, we’re also representing every breath the client takes. With Midas Construction Cheshire we’ve created a solid foundation which works on every level.



Door & Window Systems

Germanic engineering demands a germanic brand identity. Reflecting the high quality, precision CNC machining and smooth closure transitions Verso’s identity ‘Röhaus’ has all the brand equities required to deliver the product reassurance. Four-sprung door technique as they say in Staffordshire.


The Dog Groomer

Best In Show...

When Verso’s commissioned for a brand identity we think beyond the brief. We sense greater opportunities and deliver design excellence that paves a way for future growth. The Dog Groomer is a start-up with big ideas, our identity cuts through the high street noise as a sign of modern Pet Grooming excellence.

  • International brochure designed by Verso Creative for Alkapharm France
  • Packaging design by Verso for Alkapharm
  • Verso Stand design for Alkapharm
  • Press advertising by Verso for Alkapharm
  • Website by Verso for Alkapharm
  • Logo for Alkapharm created by Verso


A French Connection

How do you compete in a busy marketplace?.. You create a brand image that’s recognised and trusted. Alkapharm have a number of market leading products and through Verso have created a clean, powerful and consistent brand image that keeps healthcare users loyal. Infectious packaging, website and graphic design now being applied in France and the United Kingdom.

  • Packaging design for National Trust by Verso Creative
  • Verso Creative packaging design for National Trust

National Trust

Cotehele Estate, Cornwall

If only you could bottle traditional Tudor charm. Capture, cherish and relive the memories. Well, head off towards the River Tamar and you can do exactly that with a golden selection of local produce including juices, chutneys and flours, all beautifully presented with Verso inspired packaging design.

  • Lotus Illustration by Verso
  • Verso consumer website for Lotus
  • Lotus Work Illustration by Verso
  • Advertising for Lotus Bakeries by Verso
  • Trade website for Lotus by Verso Creative

Lotus Bakeries

Every Coffee Needs a...

…little red biscuit on a saucer. Most will have seen it but more will remember it. In partnership with Lotus Bakeries, Verso are helping to deliver ambitious brand plans through effective trade and consumer websites and advertising campaigns. Anyone for coffee?

  • VLOK product brochure for EL Flooring designed by Verso Creative
  • Brand identity for VLOK Nextgen Floors designed by Verso Creative for EL Flooring


Nextgen Floors

They like what they saw. And what they saw they fit into rooms of all shapes and sizes. When you’re supplying a premium product which guarantees strength, performance, stability and customer satisfaction you need a brand identity to match. No flaws. Just floors. And we personally vouch for the craftsmanship.

  • Website Design & Development for LifeGUARDIAN by Verso Creative
  • LifeGUARDIAN Packaging Design by Verso
  • Brand Identity for LifeGUARDIAN Packaging, Designed by Verso


A Real Lifesaver

Serious global game-changers are few and far between, but every so often something incredible presents itself to the world. LifeGUARDIAN Packaging, the brainchild of our award-winning client Woolcool, is disruptively innovating pharmaceutical cold chain distribution with our branding and packaging design truly in the spotlight.

  • Verso Logo design for UKQAA
  • Verso Creative Website Design for UK Quality Ash Association


The Voice of Quality Ash

Who would have known that ash is such a powerful particle in the world of construction. It’s been our job to brand UKQAA with a voice that matches their industry expertise and knowledge helping them spread the word about the power of the particle… it’s amazing what you learn as a designer

  • Verso Branding agency packaging design for Belinda Clark
  • Verso Branding agency packaging design for Belinda Clark
  • Verso branding agency identity for Belinda Clark

Belinda Clark

Gourmet Confectionery

Belinda Clark is already known for her gourmet perfection in confectionery. When you have products this good you need the brand and packaging design to match. That’s where we applied our own ‘gourmet’ creative to help position Belinda as ‘Taste Orchestrators’ and deliver packaging to match the beauty of these delicately balanced flavours.



Asian Fire Snacks

Whosaki? Whatsaki? From an unknown brand to a supermarket favourite – Verso delivers the Hisaki vision through effective brand and packaging design. Now in demand by leading brands such as Waitrose, Selfridges and Tesco, Hisaki’s brand is burning bright and Verso help keep the flame alive.

  • Vending direct mail for Coinadrink, designed by Verso Creative
  • Direct mail leaflet designed by Verso Creative for Coinadrink
  • Coffee mailer designed by Verso Creative for Coinadrink
  • Rollfold mailer by Verso Creative for Coinadrink


More Than Just Vending

We like to think we have all the right ingredients when it comes to effective design and have enjoyed pushing all the right buttons for Coinadrink with a refreshing series of mailers to promote their outstanding vending services. All this talk of food and drink, to coin a phrase, gets our creative juices flowing. We could get a taste for puns too.